The ship portrait collection of Shipmaster Jouko Rajahalme

This is the ship portrait collection of Shipmaster Jouko Rajahalme (1927-2016) from Rauma. It displays all the ships from his nearly 40 years of work at sea. The oil painting, painted by Unto Kaski (1913-1986), represents SS Anna where he started his maritime career as apprentice deckboy in September 1949. The painting also shows Finnjet in the background; Rajahalme mastered the cruiseferry for about eight years.

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Steamship Anna

Rajahalme served on board Anna as deckboy from 17.9.1949 to 16.10.1950.

Steamship Tornator

Rajahalme worked on Tornator as Ordinary Seaman from 18.11.1950 to 31.7.1951, as AB from 1.8. 1951 to 13.6.1952, as Bosum from 14.6.1952 to 31.8.1952 and as Third Mate from 13.6.1953 to 31.8.1953.

Steamship Enso

Rajahalme was AB on Enso from 1.9.1952 to 24.10.1952.

Motorship Finntrader

Rajahalme was Third Mate on Finntrader from 26.5.1954 to 19.8.1955.

Motorship Finnkraft

Rajahalme served on Finnkraft as ordinary Second Mate from 1.11.1956 to 12.8.1958, as ordinary Chief Officer from 27.1.1960 to 14.7.1960, as ordinary Chief Officer from 13.8.1960 to 23.5.1961, as Master (deputy of the ordinary Master) from 13.8.1961 to 19.9.1961, as ordinary Chief Officer from 20.9.1961 to 19.6.1962, as deputy Master from  23.7.1962 to 27.8.1962, as ordinary Chief Officer from 28.8.1962 to 18.6.1963, as ordinary Chief Officer from 22.7.1963 to 12.8.1963 and as ordinary Master from 13.8.1963 to 31.1.1964.

Motorship Finnboard

Rajahalme worked on Finnboard as Second Mate from 4.6.1959 to 12.8.1959 and Chief Officer from 13.8.1959 to 2.12.1959.

Motorship Finnpine

Rajahalme was Master (deputy of the ordinary Master) on Finnpine from 28.6.1961 to 4.8.1961.

Motorship Finnpulp

Rajahalme was Master on Finnpulp from 4.2.1964 to 11.3.1965.

Motorship Finnboston

Rajahalme was Master on Finnboston from 30.3.1965 to 9.4.1970.


Superliner Concordia Sailor

He served as Building Supervisor on Emden from 18.5.1970 to 14.12.1971 and on Concordia Sailor (Finnsailor), as Master from 15.12.1971 to 15.5.1976.

RoRo cargo/passenger ferry Hans Gutzeit

He was Master of Hans Gutzeit from 26.5.1976 to 31.1.1977.

Passanger and car ferry Finlandia

He was Master of the Finlandia from 31.1.1977 to 19.2.1977.

GTS Finnjet

He served on Finnjet as Building Supervisor from1.3.1977 to 1.5.1977, as Master from 1.5.1977 to 26.12.1983 and as Master from 24.1.1984 to 24.8.1985.

Ro-Ro Cargo Ship Finnmerchant

Rajahalme was Master of Finnmerchant from 16.9.1985 to 30.9.1987.