Hilda 1915

Teräksestä limisaumaan rakennettu höyryalus. Kolmipaisuntakone 750 i.hv.
Kotipaikka: Luvia.
Omistaja: Laiva Oy Hilda.

Poistettu rekisteristä, koska ilmotuksen mukaan 21.6.1940 torpedoitu Ranskan rannikolla.



1934 - 1940



General Cargo Steamer,  Singledecker


Call: OHWV




1,144 GRT, 634 NRT, 1,850 dwt


72.25 x 11.07 x 4.80 m




Triple Steam Engine 3 cy.


by the Shipbuilders


750 IHP      8 knots



Completed by Trondhjems Mek. Verksted A/S, Trondheim (#163) as REMUS for A.O. Lindvig, Kragerø.




Sold to Dampskibs-A/S Gogsjø, (C. Wildhagen & J. Rosendahl), Sandefjord, and renamed BOMMESTAD.




Sold to Friis & Lund Rederi A/S, (F. Friis & G.O. Lund), Drammen.




Sold to Rederi A/S Henneseid, (Thoralf Holta), Porsgrunn.




Acquired by Laiva O/Y Hilda, (K.F. Holmberg), Luvia, (Rauma /Raumo 508), and renamed HILDA.




Manager´s name restyled as K.F. Homeri.




Torpedoed by the German submarine U 52 and sank at 0320 hrs  on 21 June, 90 miles west of Gironde in a position 45.40 N, 3.17 W in the Bay of Biscay, while on passage from La Pallice with wheat to England.

Five crew members lost their lives in the explosion. The rest 11 men sailed in the lifeboat 150 miles to Castro Urdiales, Spain with arrival after a stormy voyage on 23 June.




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Tyyppi Höyrylaiva
Telakka Trondhjems Mek. Verksted A/S, Trondheim
Vuosi /
Bruttovetoisuus 1144,03
Pituus 72,25
Leveys 11,07
Rakennettu: 27.05.2021
Poistettu 27.05.2021

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