Walki Paper 1979



1979 - 1979



General Cargo Motorship,  two decks - Open/Closed Shelterdecker


Call:  OIGS   LR# 7403706   Ice class: I A Super




6,766/12,390 GRT, 3,502/6,434 NRT, 8,700/14,861 dwt


159.22 x 21.04 x 6.86/9.13 m




Diesel Engine 2 SA 6 cy. Sulzer 6RND68


by Astilleros Españoles S.A., Factoria de Sestao, Bilbao


7,281 kW / 9,900 BHP    16 knots



Launched by S.A. Juliana Constructora Gijonesa, Gijon (#255), and named WALKI PAPER by Lady Susan Hussey.




Completed and delivered to Yhtyneet Paperitehtaat Oy, (United Paper Mills Ltd.), Rauma /Raumo. (632). Managed and operated by Oy Finnlines Ltd., Helsinki /Helsingfors.                   




Acquired by Oy Suomi Line / Finland Line Ab, (Suomen Höyrylaiva Oy - Finska Ångfartygs Ab, Helsinki (1619), and renamed SALLA.




Parent company´s name registered as Effoa -Finska Ångfartygs Ab  / Effoa -Suomen Höyrylaiva Oy / Effoa -Finland Steamship Co. Ltd. as per EGM resolutions on 12 Nov. and 12 Dec. 1980.




Severely damaged as a result of a collision on 6 Apr. near Kalbådagrund Lighthouse in the Gulf of Finland with the Russian Abakanles during a voyage from Hamina /Fredrikshamn to Bremen with pulp and general cargo. After the collision she took a heavy list and before being beached was abandoned by her crew. Further damaged by fire, which broke out and gutted her accommodation. Later refloated and arrived on 16 Apr. in tow at Helsinki, where discharged.




Declared a constructive total loss and taken over by Vakuutus Oy Pohjola, (Pohjola Insurance Co. Ltd.), Helsinki. Offered for sale "as lies" in Helsinki.




Sold to K/S Resalla & Fekete & Co. A/S, (Fekete & Co. A/S), Tønsberg, and renamed RESALLA. - Left Helsinki on 13 July  in tow by ms Kronö for Norway.




Sold further to A/S Tambur, (Fosen Mek. Verksteder A/S, Rissa. - Arrived on 31 July  in tow at Fevaag, where she was to be reconstructed.




Completed after extensive repairs by Fosen Mek. Verksteder A/S. - Reported as renamed FRENGENFJORD, but the change of name was never registered. On the contrary she made her trial trip with SALLA still painted on the bows.




Sold to Peto Shipping Ltd., Panama, (c/o T.K. Husjord, Narvik), and renamed TRAMARCO TRADER for duration of charter to Transmarine Chartering Inc., Cold Spring Harbor, NY.




Sold to Bernice Shipping Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas, (Mineral Shipping USA Inc., Tampa, Fla.), and renamed BERNICE.




Sold to Burma Navigation Corp., Yangon, Union of Myanmar, and renamed AUNG MINGALA, but still operated by Mineral Shipping USA Inc.




Purchased back by Bernice Shipping Ltd., Nassau, (Mineral Shipping (Pte.) Ltd., Singapore), and the name reverted to BERNICE.




Remeasured in accordance with the 1969 Convention as follows:


12,691 GT, 4,664 NT, 14,467 dwt




Acquired by Rederi Ab Engship, (Kaj Engblom), Nauvo /Nagu (#11771), and renamed BRAVADEN.    (Call: OJGQ)




Entered in the Finnish parallel Register of Merchant Vessels engaged in International Trade.




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Telakka S.A. Juliana Constructora Gijonesa, Gijon
Vuosi /
Bruttovetoisuus 12390
Pituus 159.22
Leveys 21.04
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